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PSE200A is a pressure sensor monitor with an informative, easy to read 3 screen, 3 color display.  Connect up to 4 PSE series remote pressure sensors, then select a channel to view the sensor’s measured value on the main screen.  Alternately, the range input function can scale any 1-5V signal from another sensor type to a display value from -1500 to 1500.    View a variety of secondary data on the sub-screens, including switch set point value, level meter, character string for labeling and more.  Check differential pressure between CH1-CH2, or CH3-CH4.  Additional functions include anti-chatter, error codes, power saving, key lock, security code and others.  This monitor is also IO-Link compatible for viewing measured values, diagnostics and switch output status of all channels.  Internal hardware and applied pressure errors can also be indicated.  Parameters set on the monitor can be reset by the IO-Link master if a new monitor replaces a damaged or failed one.  PSE200A is CE and RoHS compliant, with an IP65 front face when panel mounted (IP40 otherwise).

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