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HRL, Dual Channel Chiller for Lasers

The HRL is a temperature control device featuring two independent cooling channels in one package.  This thermo chiller is designed to cool the optical head and oscillator of a laser processing system.  Considerable space savings can be realized compared to a two chiller solution.  All operations can be managed from a single touch panel.  A triple inverter controls power consumption of the fan, pump, and compressor for optimal energy savings.  The heating function uses waste heat from the refrigerant discharge instead of a separate electric heater to improve efficiency and reliability.  The HRL is copper free and suitable for DI water, including a DI filter and electrical conductivity control kit.  Additional standard features include a 5µm particle filter, earth leakage breaker, and casters for mobility.

  • Cooling capacity: CH1= 9, 19, 26 or 37kW (oscillator); CH2= 1kW (optical system)
  • Power Supply "20": 200VAC/50 Hz or 200-230VAC/60 Hz, 3-phase
  • Power Supply "40": 380-415VAC (50/60 Hz) or 460-480VAC (60 Hz), 3-phase
  • Temperature set range: CH1 = 15 to 25°C, CH2 = 20 to 40°C
  • Temperature stability: CH1 = ±0.1°C, CH2 = ±0.5°C
  • Refrigerant: R410A
  • Communication: contact/analog I/O; Serial RS-232C/RS-485; Ethernet Modbus
HRL, Dual Channel Chiller for Lasers
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