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LEYG, Electric Actuator, Guide Rod Type

The LEYG guided rod electric actuator pairs an LEY actuator with a bolt-on bearing block with double guide rods. The guide rods counter rotational forces instead of the drive and motor, and also resist shock and sustained lateral loads. Guide blocks can be fitted with either slide or ball bushing bearings.
  • Same features and performance as standard LEY, plus:
  • Maximum stroke: 300 mm
  • Bearing types: sliding bushings or ball bushing bearings
  • Maximum allowable rotational torque: 5.76 N•m (sizes 32, 40; stroke dependent)
  • Non-rotating accuracy of plate: ±0.05° (slide bearing); ±0.06° (ball bushing bearing)
LEYG, Electric Actuator, Guide Rod Type
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