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IZN10E, Ionizer, Nozzle Type

The IZN10E is SMC's nozzle ionizer.  The nozzle ionizer emits an air-assisted cone of static eliminating ions for focused targets 2 inches or smaller, up to 20 inches away.  The nozzle can be used with an optional sensor and monitor to suspend emission when static elimination is complete, or when the target is not present.  Available with a high flow or enery saving nozzle, or female threads to attach an accessory.  The cartridge can be removed without tools for needle cleaning or replacement.  Slim, compact design is suitable for installation in tight spaces.

  • Ion balance to +/-10v (range dependent)
  • Operates from 24VDC, with internal high voltage power supply for ion generation
  • Available manifold and bracket mounting styles
  • Electrode needle contamination detector built in
  • Available diffusion nozzles, or straight or bendable bar nozzles
  • Meets CE, UL, CSA and RoHS standards
IZN10E, Ionizer, Nozzle Type
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