ZSE20C(F), Digital Vacuum Sensor, 3 Screen 2 Output + Analog, IP65 ZSE20CF-T-P-A2L

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ZSE20C(F) is a digital vacuum sensor offering compatibility with both compressed air and non-corrosive liquids.  Compared to the ZSE20, ZSE20C(F) adds a 2nd switch output, as well as analog voltage or current output.  The 3-screen, 3-color display shows the instantaneous reading in red or green, and the setting label and its numerical value in orange.  The switch output responds within 1.5ms once the set pressure value is reached.  Both vacuum and compound pressure ranges are offered.  ZSE20C(F) is UL/CSA, CE and RoHS compliant, with an IP65 rating.

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